Vanguard "Senshi" Warrior

Vanguard "Senshi" Warrior


"Senshi"means warrior in Japanese. Deen Doll, (Amira/Maryam), is in training, serving and exploring her Community, Nation. World and DeenVerse in her Vanguard "Senshi" Warrior Uniform.


Her Warrior look comes in FIVE colors: White, Blue, Brown,Black, and TBD color (TBD color comes w/ Black DeenVerse Kicks). The artistically crafted uniform comes with a Long Military Uniform top and bottoms along with a Vanguard Hat . The Vanguard Uniform is paired with matching boots.


Our Vanguard Deen Dolls are suited and booted and ready to train, serve, secure, hear and obey, DRILL, explore, pray, play and have fun fashionably. This is an Original STEM Doll.