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Deen Dolls is in STEMFORMATION!

STEMFORMATION , simply put is STEM INFORMATION to better inform yourself and our community what STEM is and how they can get involved. All you have to do get involved, is to READ, WATCH VIDEOS, LISTEN TO LECTURES, or DO ACTIVITIES that encourage you to "BE STEM" meaning, to be "BEAUTIFUL, an ENTREPRENEUR, and more SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING AND MATHEMATICS aware.

We will be bringing that awareness from 2020 into 2021. We began with the big event, the Great Conjunction, December 21, 2020. We watched like the original stargazers did in 1226, and like them we were able to see with the naked eye, the Saturn and Jupiter to be almost touching of the two planets. Conjunctions usually happen once every 20 years; however, all conjunctions are not created equally and have not seen such a close affinity for one another for the last 400 years. More phenomena to observe in the future!

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